Correction to crash inside RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() + test case

Janne Hakonen joyer83 at
Thu Jan 27 16:10:11 CST 2011

Hi again,

I've been working to implement the tests for RtlCaptureStackBackTrace(), but I have encountered a problem. The function, according to MSDN should be available only in Windows XP and newer OSes.
Now, when I ran these tests on Testbot using all base VMs, the tests were run also on W2KPROSP4 and WNT4WSSP6. However, the function seems to buggy in those. It throws access violation whenever it is not skipping frames.

Here's the test patch I used:

In both cases, test on patch's line 83 failed and call on line 92 crashed the test.

In other VMs the tests succeeded and none crashed.

Is there some way I could prevent/skip these tests to be run on Windows NT4 and 2000? 

Best Regards,
Janne Hakonen

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