Ubuntu 10.04 x86-64 test failures -- dsound:ds3d and mmdevapi

Reece Dunn msclrhd at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 27 16:20:24 CST 2011

=== Observations ===

   1/  The dsound:ds3d tests fail when using the ALSA audio driver on
64-bit (K)Ubuntu, but succeed with the OSS audio driver.

   2/  The mmdevapi tests fail with a "Device not found"/"No driver"
error (hr = 0x88780078) when running with the OSS driver.

For the mmdevapi failures, the tests should skip when intercepting a
"Device not found" error.

=== Steps to Reproduce ===

Machine: Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit with NVidia binary drivers.

   1/  Build the latest version of wine with no special options --
`./configure && make`
   2/  Remove any previously run test result -- `find . -type f | grep
.ok | xargs rm`
   3/  Ensure running in a clean wine prefix -- `rm -rf ~/.wine`
   4/  Run the tests -- `make test`

This will download the gecko package and then fail in the dsound:ds3d
tests with:

    ds3d.c:467: Test failed:     buffer size changed after SetFormat()
- previous size was 88200, current size is 22052

This error seems to be specific to 64-bit versions of the Ubuntu
family, looking at the http://test.winehq.org/data/ results.

   5/  Open winecfg -- `./wine winecfg`
   6/  Select the Audio tab

This should being up a message to recommend a driver (as no driver is
set in the registry) and then select the ALSA driver.

   7/  Switch the audio driver from ALSA to OSS and press OK.
   8/  Re-run the tests -- `make test`

This passes the ds3d tests, but fails with:

   ../../../tools/runtest -q -P wine -M mmdevapi.dll -T ../../.. -p
mmdevapi_test.exe.so dependency.c && touch dependency.ok
   err:quartz:DSoundRender_create Cannot create Direct Sound object (88780078)
   fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance no instance created for interface
{56a86895-0ad4-11ce-b03a-0020af0ba770} of class
{79376820-07d0-11cf-a24d-0020afd79767}, hres is 0x88780078
   dependency.c:85: Test failed: Activating bf failed: 0x88780078

   9/  Open winecfg -- `./wine winecfg`
   10/  Switch the audio driver from OSS back to ALSA and press OK.
   11/  Re-run the tests -- `make test`

The mmdevapi tests now pass.

- Reece

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