FYI: OpenCL/opencl.h from NVIDIA...

Peter Urbanec at
Fri Jan 28 05:16:58 CST 2011

On 21/01/11 13:21, James McKenzie wrote:
> As far as I knew from information I gathered here, the only OS that 
> supports OpenCL was MacOSX.  Sorry for the misleading information.

I developed wine OpenCL support under Gentoo, using the Gentoo provided 
NVidia drivers and NVidia CUDA packages. I'm not sure if anyone got it 
working on OSX.

You should be able to:

1. Install the NVidia drivers
2. Install NVidia CUDA/OpenCL SDK
3. Make a link /usr/include/CL -> /opt/cuda/include/CL (or wherever you 
installed the SDK)

After that, configure should find OpenCL and use it.

If you want RPMs or other distro specific packages, hassle your 
distribution maintainers. (Or switch to Gentoo ;-)

Both AMD and Intel also have OpenCL implementations/SDKs available. 
Their distro support varies.

Best regards,

     Peter Urbanec

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