Correction to crash inside RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() + test case

Janne Hakonen joyer83 at
Mon Jan 31 14:06:19 CST 2011

Hi Alexandre Julliard,

I see you had another idea of how to correct the RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() function. 
I tested your implementation with Anarchy Online's item store (ingame web browser based on Awesomium) and with AwesomiumGL (sample app from Awesomium's SDK).

With AwesomiumGL I did, after a while (scrolling in an image heavy site), got it to crash:
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0xfffffffc at address 0x7bc7586b (thread 002e)
To file dlls/ntdll/signal_i386.c, line 2438:
     frame = (ULONG *)*frame; (inside the skipping loop).
And, so, if 'frame' is 0xfffffffc, then the added check, unfortunately, will not cut it.

With Anarchy Online, I browsed quite a lot within the item store, changing pages, and finally 
just left the window open for ~20 minutes. No crash so far, so the correction might have worked for the game or then I just didn't wait long enough ;)

Should I still add the try-except blocks to RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() and tests for 0xfffffffc value also? 
Please advice.

Best Regards, 
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