Glitch-free iTunes?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Jul 2 16:35:22 CDT 2011

Keith wrote:
> Can you make a goal of supporting iTunes with no glitches? ...
> Just this one app could be huge for Linux on the desktop.

The main problem is driver support, I think
(mainly usb, but probably also cd-r).

There is some work on usb support going on; see
I haven't tried that myself.  (Has anyone tried this with iTunes yet?)
According to
$ winedump -j import ~/".wine/drive_c/Program Files/Common
Files/Apple/Mobile Device Support/Drivers/usbaapl.sys" | grep offset
  offset 00009250 ntoskrnl.exe
  offset 00009264 HAL.dll
  offset 00009278 WMILIB.SYS
  offset 0000928c USBD.SYS
support for wmilib.sys might need to be added for this app.

And I suspect the pcworld guy was using an outdated version
of wine (given the problems he reported with the package
manager ui).

Otherwise, current iTunes seems to be working reasonably well in current wine.
I just downloaded and installed iTunes 10.3.1 with wine-1.3.23.
I did have to set win7 mode, and I do have to click through
one dialog saying it won't be able to burn cd's,
but I can use the iTunes store to search for movies
and play their trailers nicely; I can listen to internet radio
or a local .mp3 for 5-10 minutes with no hint of trouble.

So: yeah, we know it's an important app.  But it's hard.
Feel free to help out.
- Dan

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