Glitch-free iTunes?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sat Jul 2 22:46:53 CDT 2011

On 7/2/11 7:49 PM, Keith Curtis wrote:
>     So: yeah, we know it's an important app.  But it's hard.
>     Feel free to help out.
>     - Dan
> Hi;
> I am glad to hear you say that iTunes is an "important" app, but I 
> don't understand what you mean because it has never worked.
> You don't need my help. You've got a big group making many good fixes. 
> It is just that priority is being ignored or something. Failure is not 
> from lack of effort, but from planning.

Maybe you missed Dan's point.  iTunes, for a while, did work.  Most of 
the work to get it to work has been by volunteers and it remains up to 
the volunteer side of the project to 'make it so'.   Syncing an iPod did 
work as far as I knew using the USB device patches.  Also, this is, 
mainly, an all-volunteer effort.  I, for instance, picked up three 
richedit functions that are very near and dear to the functioning of 
several programs that I use.  There is a long known work-around, but I 
would like to see appropriate code included in the Wine project so that 
the work-around is no longer needed.

iTunes on the Linux platform may or may not be forthcoming.  Making 
iTunes work on any flavor/distribution of Linux might take a very 
interested and talented user with programming skills in 'c' to generate 
the code and get appropriate fixes made in the Wine code.  Attempts have 
been made and some successes gained, but more needs to be done and 
mostly by a small staff of volunteers.

Project priorities might say 'make this work' but without appropriately 
interested and skilled volunteers, iTunes might not be working under 
Linux anytime soon.

James McKenzie

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