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Sun Jul 3 21:44:57 CDT 2011

On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 1:37 AM, Damjan Jovanovic <damjan.jov at>wrote:

> Hi Keith
> Having worked at Microsoft, you of all people should appreciate the
> size and complexity of the driver architecture on Windows. So I would
> say that "failure" is mostly from the scale of the problem to be
> solved.
> My attempts at adding USB support to Wine have been painful and slow.

Hi Damjan et al;

I don't know much about the USB architecture as my contributions to Windows
were via RichEdit. I just know that the Linux kernel has mature USB support,
WINE in general does many things, and you've got a big team now. Your
contributor list shows 1250 and you've got 2M lines of code. I'm amazed at
how many things work -- or almost work.

If you had a leaky roof in a house on fire, what would you work on first? It
appears from the outside that the answer for WINE would be random.

In general, people can work where they want, but it is better if some work
is prioritized. You don't need to use the buglist for this. When Linus finds
a bug he needs fixed before he can make a release, he posts to the LKML and
all the developers read it and the relevant ones respond. Typically he
reverts, but sometimes he requests help, and he gets it within hours. He
doesn't wait for someone to check in code that works.

You don't have to work like that. I am just pointing out that if you have
goals (do not ship without certain apps working) or priorities (certain bugs
are higher priority), or something, things will be better for the same
amount of effort.


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