Random crashes while running (cmd) test runner

Frédéric Delanoy frederic.delanoy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 05:32:47 CDT 2011

2011/7/4 Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmx.at>:
> Am 04.07.2011 um 10:28 schrieb Marcus Meissner:
>> export WINEDEBUG=+heap
> WINEDEBUG=warn+heap adds the corruption checking but not the debug output

I get the following:
batch.c:306: running TEST_BUILTINS.CMD test...
batch.c:215: Test failed: unexpected char 0x73 position 0 in line 1
(got 'should fail', wanted 'dir')
batch.c:227: Test failed: too long output, got additional Volume
Serial Number is 0000-0000

(dir output)

err:heap:HEAP_ValidateInUseArena Heap 0x110000: block 0x11c8a0 tail
overwritten at 0x11c8bc (byte 0/12 == 0x64)
batch: 14 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 2 failures), 0 skipped.

See http://pastebin.com/T4E63M5S for full log and heap dump


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