Glitch-free iTunes?

Keith Curtis keithcu at
Mon Jul 4 22:52:51 CDT 2011

I bring up Linus because he can focus efforts. You don't need Linus. You
just need the same result -- focused efforts. There is another name for this
concept -- teams. Maybe WINE needs sub-teams?

I assure you that the problem isn't for lack of resources. I know you feel
busy and perhaps that I'm just wasting your time. However, you have
accomplished so much already. Year after year, you accomplish more, and yet
you just think that it is hopeless or something. Are you masochists? If you
are going to do the work, make goals worthy. And one worthy goal is iTunes
runs better than on Windows. If you had that as a goal 5 years ago, you
would have succeeded by now. I can think of more goals around Ableton,
Office 2010, etc. but for now let's get the hardware working!

I understand that WINE has many apps that you want to work. You are doing
well. It is just missing some features that are not being caught by your
random work. I know you'll get there, in the next 10 years. Perhaps by the
time Apple no longer matters you'll have it working.

I have my own projects, but I appreciate your interest in my patches.
However, I find that my way to contribute is to report social bugs and
suggested patches. It can be though about in terms of: planning, priorities,
goals, leaders, teams, etc. There are multiple ways to fix this.


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