GSoC: dinput8 Action Mapping

Lucas Zawacki lfzawacki at
Mon Jul 4 23:04:27 CDT 2011

Hi guys.

Now that all the initial patches are in I have several smaller tasks
to work on as listed here and hopefully
they're more straightforward. I've already started working on getting
EnumDevicesBySemantics  correct with joysticks and the passed flags
and, after that, BuildActionMap for the joysticks will follow. Maybe
now it's time to discuss how to implement EnumDevicesBySemantics as a
crosscall, but I really don't know how to do it (or if it's worth it)
and everywhere I look in dinput I see similar cases of this
"duplication pattern".

Another thing that I've been thinking is that I might as well end up
rolling a version of ConfigureDevices
because so far I've seen two of the games affected by bug 8754 use it
to configure controls. I've not had time to find and test all of them,
but if someone on the list knows about other games that use it I'd
like to be informed.

Last but not least, thanks for Wylda for testing NFSU and keeping bug
8754 informed. I actually can't run the game properly, most likely
because of the crappy intel graphics card in my laptop.

Anyway, feedback on the tasks is welcome.


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