Some notes from wineconf about the 1.4 release -- are we on track?

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sun Jul 10 04:27:38 CDT 2011

According to Alexandre...

1.4 will be out "sometime in 2011"

At the time of wineconf we already had several new features: animated
cursors, 64-bit Gecko, native cursor themes, AcceptEx support, mono packages

Goals for the 1.4 release:

Successful 64-bit make test
Successful 32-bit make test ;)
RTL support
USB support
Audio redesign
DIB Engine

There were also these suggestions:
Addons or plugins of some sort
 - eg a theme for GTK-grabbing
Dosbox integration
 - possibly using Windows versions as add-on
 - get rid of Winedos code

Plus, of course, the general goal of making more applications work :)

It seems like we're making serious progress.  Have any of these stalled
or become less important?  Has any new big feature not listed above been
done that's worth listing?  Is "sometime in 2011" still the best guess
for 1.4's release?

Scott Ritchie

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