Some notes from wineconf about the 1.4 release -- are we on track?

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Sun Jul 10 06:19:20 CDT 2011

Scott Ritchie <scott <at>> writes:

> According to Alexandre...
> 1.4 will be out "sometime in 2011"
> Plus, of course, the general goal of making more applications work :)
> It seems like we're making serious progress.  Have any of these stalled
> or become less important?  Has any new big feature not listed above been
> done that's worth listing? 

If I may suggest another thing worth fixing: bug

This would allow a whole bunch of apps running in wine again. According to Hans'
comment here ( the .Net 3.5
should be able to finish fine as well in current git (haven't tested that yet
myself), so by fixing the aforementioned bug we could make a lot of WPF-apps in
.Net 3.0 and .Net 3.5 running in wine. ATM Mono is no go for these applications. 

I also tested a few .Net 4.0 apps in wine recently and most of them also seem to
choke in the same bug. I'm not sure how difficult this bug is to fix, but the
d3d9 part seems rather easy to fix, not sure how hard the rest of the bug is to

 Is "sometime in 2011" still the best guess
> for 1.4's release?
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie

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