[4/5] dinput: Added device's owner username set by SetActionMap and the respective GetProperty to retrieve it

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Mon Jul 11 08:20:27 CDT 2011

On 07/08/2011 12:01 PM, Lucas Fialho Zawacki wrote:
> +            memcpy(ps->wsz, This->owner, strlenW(This->owner)*sizeof(WCHAR));
You can use strcpyW instead. Or even lstrcpynW to guard against buffer overflow.

> @@ -1459,10 +1469,22 @@ HRESULT WINAPI IDirectInputDevice8WImpl_SetActionMap(LPDIRECTINPUTDEVICE8W iface
>   						     LPCWSTR lpszUserName,
>   						     DWORD dwFlags)
You need to modify ascii version of SetActionMap as well.


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