looking for info and advice

Farmboy0 farmboy0 at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 18 15:46:15 CDT 2011

As the subject says I am looking for some info about wine.

1) I am trying to understand how wine implements COM objects.
I have read the wiki pages on COM and DCOM objects but
I am interested in some further assistance.

Whats the easiest way to spot a function implementing part of
an interface? Is there some kind of name scheme I can follow?

I can find the interface definitions easily enough in the header files
or the idl files. I am having a little more trouble about the

About the IDL files: is every interface supposed to be defined in an IDL?
Or only certain ones? And how would i know the difference?
For instance I found the IQueryInfo interface which is only defined in
an header file
without any association to a CLSID nor does there seem to be an

2) I am trying to debug a deadlock of the x11 driver in Icewind Dale 1.

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