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Frédéric Delanoy frederic.delanoy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 12:03:36 CDT 2011

> Checking that ':;!?' are preceded by an unbreakable space in French
> would be nice. It would not be very hard to add that check.
> But I wonder what's the official word is on unbreakable spaces. It's
> quite confusing because they seem to be used both in GUI elements (e.g.
> in comdlg32) and in things like usage and error messages that go to the
> terminal (e.g. cmd). Yet there is also about 205 locations that use a
> regular space or nothing instead. So is there circumstances where they
> must be avoided?

I added simple non-breaking space due to a variety of display problems
for different apps.
In fact, it's even more complicated since there are thin non-breaking
space and normal-sized breaking spaces in French typography, and some
chars are not present in certain unicode versions IIRC (+ a couple of
various Windows bugs as well).

For more information, see for instance

http://listes.traduc.org/pipermail/traduc/2010-August/006615.html (for
the associated thread)


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