Statur of DIB Engine

Massimo Del Fedele max at
Sun Jul 24 13:45:44 CDT 2011

Il 24/07/2011 19:32, James McKenzie ha scritto:
> On 7/24/11 10:14 AM, Massimo Del Fedele wrote:
>> Yep, true.... Autocad would gain benefit just with fonts. If fonts are not
>> implemented, that's useless by now.
> Max:
> It might be worthwhile to rebase your code on the fixes inputted by Huw so that your patches continue to work until Huw finishes his work.
> It would give you a good start if Huw decides that your code is better than his!
> James

Hi James,

I guess that would be almost impossible to rebase my code there... For the few I've seen, the approach taken by Huw is too different from
mine to have both coexistent, and the infrastructure changes would make the porting quite complicated and, which is worse, too dependent
on code base changes to be maintainable by me.
The only stuff that could be done would be to submit patches to enhance current graphics primitives.... but I guess Huw has already something
in mind, and I've got too few spare time :-)
Again, for what (very few indeed) I've understood from patches titles, some low-level primitives were exported from winex11 - gdi32 drivers, a
stuff that was told me "impossible" when I developed my engine and that will make easy to solve the biggest problem remaining on it, the mixed
DIB-DDB conversions in an efficient way.
So, I'll wait to see what happens to Huw engine. A pity because latest progress in wine solved many other problems unrelated to DIB.
Autocad users can just hope that fonts primitives will be embedded soon :-)



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