Wine Gecko 1.3-beta1

Jacek Caban jacek at
Mon Jul 25 11:30:38 CDT 2011

Hi all,

I've just uploaded a new Wine Gecko beta package. It's a bit earlier
than we usually updated the package, but it's part of the plan. The last
release was the most successful ever - we've successfully avoided
regressions and fixed existing bugs. The fact that we had long (over
month) beta period and that the release was made based on stable Firefox
release helped a lot IMO. We can improve stability of Gecko package by
releasing more often, meaning less changes are included in each single
release. We can do this thanks to Mozilla rapid release cycles, that
gives us a chance to release Wine Gecko based on the very recent code
base, stabilized by Mozilla every six weeks. Six weeks releases are,
however, more than we can handle and more than we need, so my current
plan is to release every two Firerox version (that is every 12 weeks),
with no pressure.

Back to current release, it's mostly an update of code base to keep on
track with Gecko changes. Builds are available, as usually, on
sourceforge [1]. To test it, you also need the attached patch to Wine.
Any help with testing is appreciated. Everything that uses MSHTML in any
way is worth testing.

Informations for packages interested in building the package themselves:
My builds are done with GCC 4.5.3, but any GCC newer than 4.5.1 should
be good. There was a fix to Mozilla code needed for GCC 4.6.* builds
that I've included in the source, so GCC 4.6 32-bit builds should be
fine. If you want to use it for 64-bit builds, please test it carefully
as I wasn't able to test them (linking GCC 4.6 builds consumes awfully
lot of memory, so it failed for me).


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