Bug status transitions ~ bug 27908

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 11:12:01 CDT 2011

2011/7/27  <wylda at volny.cz>:
> Hi,
> there is bug 27908, which i closed as invalid, because user did not
> used latest fixed version.
> AJ says: If there was a bug then it's FIXED.
> Based on that, even if the user has a crash in 1.0.1 and opens _now_
> a bug and one day later says "it is FIXED in 1.3.25", then it should
> be marked as FIXED.
> Because i noticed before, that this is handled differently, i'm
> writing here about above rule, which unify that.
> Regards,
> W.

In the case of bug 27908, there was no release yet, and I don't think
it's unreasonable for a user to report bugs that are in the latest
release. Building from git is a time/space consuming pain for most
users. If a user reports a bug in a very old release, it's not
unreasonable to ask them to try in a newer release before looking at
the bug. If the bug was reported in old wine and fixed in newer, well,
it technically was fixed, but marking it invalid helps prevent skewing
our bug statistics (and may encourage the user to try latest
development releases before reporting bugs) :).


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