Various locale tests for wine

Akihiro Sagawa sagawa.aki at
Tue Jun 7 11:05:19 CDT 2011

I have a problem about testing wine where specific to locales (or ANSI
code pages). Because test bots don't seem to test wine in non-English
locales. I'd like to get wine's test results in various locale
environments from

Firstly, as a wine intended to handle locale properly, all tests should
succeed in any locales. We could discover locale-depended failure in
other locales. Secondly, if I add a locale specific test, it easy to
prove the issue to others.

In my opinion, adding Russian, Japanese and Chinese would be better.
They are tested by existing XP bots. So how about adding non-English
wine environments to the testbot farm?

Best Regards,
Akihiro Sagawa

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