TaskDialog implementation

Lats lats at yless4u.com.au
Thu Jun 9 08:03:43 CDT 2011

I have been looking at this and my advice is start simple and establish
the basic framework ie. display a frame with a title.  Then add
functions and text items or buttons types one by one.  Add complexity to
the functions after the basic form is accepted.

On 09/06/11 17:00, Patrick Gauthier wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'd like to port my re-implementation of task dialogs
> (http://www.korosoft.net/projects/tdemu/) to WINE, actually I have
> posted a small patch yesterday (merely rearranges some source around,
> preparatory work) which sadly did not seem to get accepted.
> I'm going to take my code and clean it to WINE's source code standards,
> however I do not see how I could split it in many patches as everything
> is dependant on everything else.
> As this is quite a big amount of work, I would like to have some
> guidance (what must I do to be sure it is accepted) so that I do not end
> up doing all that for nothing - starting by knowing why my patch from
> yesterday was not accepted (what did I do wrong).
> Thanks for your time and help.

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