TaskDialog implementation

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:55:34 CDT 2011

+    if (pnButton) *pnButton = IDYES;
+    if (pnRadioButton) *pnRadioButton = pTaskConfig->nDefaultButton;
+    if (pfVerificationFlagChecked) *pfVerificationFlagChecked = TRUE;
+    return S_OK;

I don't think it's appropriate to make selections for the user like
this. If you can't present all of the choices to the user, you should
probably return E_NOTIMPL.

Writing tests first would also help.

> I'm going to take my code and clean it to WINE's source code standards,
> however I do not see how I could split it in many patches as everything
> is dependant on everything else.

I think Lats' advice here is sound. You might start with a dialog with
only an OK button (that only displays if the dialog offers no choices
to the user), then add features one at a time.

> As this is quite a big amount of work, I would like to have some
> guidance (what must I do to be sure it is accepted) so that I do not end
> up doing all that for nothing - starting by knowing why my patch from
> yesterday was not accepted (what did I do wrong).

Well, you shouldn't write it all at once anyway, as you'd likely have
to change all of your later work.

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