[1/2] d3dx9/test: Add UpdateSemantics test.

Michael Mc Donnell michael at mcdonnell.dk
Thu Jun 9 10:03:19 CDT 2011

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 1:56 PM, Ricardo Filipe
<ricardojdfilipe at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2011/6/9 Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at gmail.com>
>> On 9 June 2011 13:01, Michael Mc Donnell <michael at mcdonnell.dk> wrote:
>> > On a side note, failing to get a device means that the d3dx tests are
>> > always skipped on the testbot?
>> >
>> The ones that need a device, yes. The testbot machines are all VMs, so
>> they don't have real display hardware. For a realistic setup with real
>> hardware we'd probably need at least 2 different Windows versions (e.g
>> Win 7 and XP), and at least the current and the previous generation of
>> both AMD and NVIDIA display hardware. We could probably manage the
>> hardware costs for that, but I imagine that the setup and admin
>> overhead would be significant compared to the VMs.

Yeah I haven't seen any good way of virtualizing graphics hardware,
and it sounds like it would be difficult to setup real machines, as
they would need to be able to roll back automatically after each test

> you can usually find someone on irc (like me) with a windows setup where you
> can test these patches, until there is some proper testing platform.

Thanks for the offer, but I already own a Windows machine. It's just a
hassle to switch between Linux and Windows, and it would be nice to
have automated testing for regression purposes.

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