TaskDialog implementation

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Jun 9 10:15:47 CDT 2011

Patrick wrote:
> I'd like to port my re-implementation of task dialogs
> (http://www.korosoft.net/projects/tdemu/) to WINE


> I would like to have some guidance ... [Why was my patch from
> yesterday not accepted?]

An iota of guidance was provided at
Scroll down to your patch, you can see it's in "Pending" state.
Scroll down further, you'll see that "Pending" means
"The patch is not obviously correct at first glance. Making a more
convincing argument, preferably in the form of a test case, may help."
See also http://wiki.winehq.org/SubmittingPatches for a generic checklist.

Your patch seemed to do three things:
- moving old stub into new file
- adding a TaskDialog function
- adding ordinals

Those three things could all be separate patches,
and some of them could have tests.
I'd suggest sending just one of the three first (probably
not the one that moves code to a new file),
and including a test with the first patch.
- Dan

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