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The sad news reached me two days ago that Ge (Greg) van Geldorp passed 
away. Please find below the mail from his brother.

I've briefly talked to Jeremy and Alexandre about this loss and the idea 
came up to have something on the winehq frontpage for a while. Jeremey 
also mentioned to mark Greg's life and contributions to Wine at Wineconf 
this year. Alexandre mentioned potentially hosting the winetestbot at 
codeweavers in the future. Both the frontpage remembrance and the 
potential hosting somewhere else has been discussed by me and Arno and 
will not be an issue.



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Hi all,

My name is Arno van Geldorp. I'm the brother of Gé (Greg) van Geldorp. 
I'm very sorry that I have to inform you that Greg has passed away 
almost 3 weeks ago. 2 Months earlier he was diagnosed with cancer in a 
very aggressive form.

I know he made his contribution to the Wine project. And that one of 
them is the WineTestBot. His passing away went so fast that he didn't 
have the time to inform me all about it. What he did ask me is to make 
sure that the server where the WineTestBot is running on will be hosted 
for at least 2 more years. So we will take care of that. But I don't 
know if anyone took over the administration off the server.

If anyone took over the administration from Greg could you please 
contact me at erven.van.geldorp at

Kind regards,

Arno van Geldorp

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