About building test suite for Windows

Patrick Gauthier webmaster at korosoft.net
Sun Jun 12 00:54:01 CDT 2011


As I was writing my task dialog test I ran into a few problems trying to
test on Windows...

First, I tried building it using make crosstest but I keep getting this:

$ gmake crosstest
crosstest is not supported (mingw not installed?)
gmake: *** [crosstest] Error 1

I am on FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE (i386), I have the following mingw ports
installed (using pkg_add)


I deleted config.status (there was no config.cache) and re-ran
./configure, it fails to detect mingw, so I gave up on that.

I then tried building them on Windows directly instead (using Visual
Studio 2008 with Windows SDK v7.0) as describred there:

However, trying to compile comctl32_tests using the WINE headers would
complain about EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER being undefined. On the other
hand, compiling with the MSVC headers would complain about TVIS_FOCUSED
not being present. According to this:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/166471 it has been deprecated and
removed from MS headers a long time ago.

Eventually I would like to just be able to make crosstest so that I can
stay in one dev environments and not two, so if anybody could help me
about why isn't mingw32 detected, I would like it.

- Patrick

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