comctl32/tests: Added first TaskDialog test.

Patrick Gauthier webmaster at
Mon Jun 13 08:52:09 CDT 2011

On 06/13/11 06:54, André Hentschel wrote:
> IIRC the reason for the temporary file is that we can easily turn the v6
> features on and off and AFAIK we can't if we have it "hardcoded" in a resource.

I did not mean to hardcode as a resource of type RT_MANIFEST id 1, but
rather some random id, then we can still manually load v6 using
CreateActCtx, only we don't have to create a temporary file.

On this page:

I point to you the members lpResourceName and hModule. That is what I
was talking about.

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

- Patrick

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