dxdiag: Add code for XML information output

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Jun 14 12:18:18 CDT 2011

Andrew Nguyan's commit,
used the construct

 static BOOL output_xml_information(struct dxdiag_information
*dxdiag_info, const WCHAR *filename)
    const struct information_block
        const WCHAR *tag_name;
        struct information_field
            const WCHAR *tag_name;
            const WCHAR *value;
        } fields[50];
    } output_table[] =
                {Time, dxdiag_info->system_info.szTimeEnglish},

Isn't Wine was supposed to avoid non-static struct initializers?

I think it'll get "warning: initializer element is not computable at
load time" with --std=c89 --pedantic.

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