openal32: test whether alGetError() returns AL_NO_ERROR when called out of context, with fix.

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sun Jun 19 02:09:53 CDT 2011

On Saturday, June 18, 2011 8:32:31 PM Dan Kegel wrote:
> Matches native behavior.  Makes at least one app happier; see bug 27532.

Just to toss in my comments, the "native" behavior referred to is the behavior 
of Creative's DLLs, but Creative's DLLs aren't the only ones available for 
Windows. OpenAL Soft behaves the same way as a real DLL as it does a Linux DSO 
(ie, returns an error from alGetError() when no current context is set), and 
IIRC, there are Windows apps that prefer using it over Creative's sometimes-
unstable drivers. There is at least one other OpenAL implementation available 
for Windows that some apps use, but I don't know how it behaves and it costs 

IMO, it is a bug in both Creative's DLLs and the affected app. Two bugs 
nullifying each other, essentially. Using OpenAL Soft's DLL in place of 
Creative's, in real Windows, would yield the same bug experienced in Wine.

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