Regression today?

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Jun 21 04:00:11 CDT 2011

Susan Cragin wrote:
> I think a regression was introduced today. I got the following trying to run NatSpeak 11.0 with today's git. 
> wine-1.3.22-255-g4c0c0d3
> Should I do a regression test and file a bug, or is it obvious from this? 
> Or is it me -- something to do with my new Oneiric Ocelot? Or the new 3.0 kernel?
The 3.0 kernel works for me now (3.0-rc4) as good as any of the previous
stable releases. Before -rc4 I get a kernel oops after the radeon GPU
lockup + soft reset I get with SC2. Now I'm left with the GPU lockup but
previous kernels show the same problem.


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