bug policy for "app X needs msvcp90.dll" type bugs

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Jun 21 16:11:22 CDT 2011

(From the "keeping AF happy" and "metabugs are evil" departments.)

Anyone watching wine-bugs already knows this, but just in case:

As AF suggested in
bugs about apps needing msvcr90 or the
like should identify the particular function in the bug subject line,
if possible.

There are still some bugs that simply say "app X needs native msvcr90".
When the particular function that bothered them is fixed, and
the app is verified to get further, that bug's subject line should be
updated to identify the function that was fixed, and the bug
should be marked as fixed.
If the game still doesn't run because of some other function,
a new bug should be filed.

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