Need help at collecting ActionMapping data

Lucas Zawacki lfzawacki at
Tue Jun 21 20:22:34 CDT 2011

Hello everyone. As you may know I'm working on the dinput8 action
mapping support and at the moment I've pretty much finished the mouse
and keyboard and just need to get my patches in.

For the next part, however, I'm going to need to analyze lot's of data
generated by different joysticks to figure out how the mapping works.
Some things are already clear for me, but I have only some simple USB
joysticks here and thus would like your help to collect more useful

If any of you has any sort of joystick (simple gamepads, driving
wheels and whatnot) and would like to help, I've set up a little app
that uses the DI8 action mapping API to construct a mapping for every
connected joystick and outputs it to the terminal. You just need to
run it, redirect the output to a file and email it back to me. Telling
me which version of windows you're running would be nice. If you want
to help but can't use windows, wine with native dinput8.dll is fine

The program can be found here:
The code is here:

Thanks in advance

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