Re: GSoC: dinput8 Action Mapping

wylda at wylda at
Fri Jun 24 22:35:53 CDT 2011

> Is there any problem with the latest patches I
> sent? They're sitting there with the 'New' status but I have no
> feedback
> > (good or bad) about  them.
> Cheers

Hi Lucas,

i put your patches on top of 1.3.23 and kick in Need For Speed
Undeground 1, i.e. testing bug 8754.

As a hello word programmer, i can't judge the code quality, but i
can say, that it worked nearly flawlessly. I was able to drive/play
on keyboard :-D

The only issue i found in NFS's keyboard configuration:
* When i press PAUSE KEY, then NFS says "Num_Lock"
* When i press NUMLOCK KEY, then NFS says "Pause"

Native dinput8 behaves correctly. But who cares to drive on such two
strange KEYs ;)

Good job! Tell uncle Google, that he can fill up your pockets :))


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