Re: wine bug 27600

wylda at wylda at
Wed Jun 29 02:29:27 CDT 2011

> > Maybe gcc 4.4.5 is too old or i'm extremly dumb today :-/
> > 
> > Regards,
> > W.
> >

> I'm not a WINE developer, just scratching my own
> itch :)
> I have the same gcc version. Well, this might be a
> legitimate issue,
> another important thing would be to see the
> ./configure output log.

Thanks for interest :) That gives me hope, i won't be out of wine
game ;)

> I've merged the patch with the include lines
> modified, so they would be
> identical to the include files mostly used in the
> other wineserver c files.
> This is just a guess, I have no idea why it
> doesn't work. There is also
> today's commit, that changed include/winternl.h:
> "ntdll: Encode the
> function pointers in the vectored handler list",
> but it's not related.
> The patch is rebased against today's commits -

Nice to have all that 9+ changes in one box. So later today i will
try to apply them on current fresh git tree and upload config.log if
any trouble. If anything else comes to your mind in next 10hours
don't hesitate to ask for, so i could report that too.


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