wine bug 27600

Vincas Miliūnas vincas.miliunas at
Thu Jun 30 09:35:39 CDT 2011

On 06/30/2011 05:31 PM, wylda at wrote:
>> Ok, try with a modified header:
> OK no problem, i will try later today. But i don't think it's a bug
> in applicability of those patches. I began with wine testing 2 years
> ago and did many regression tests, reverse reg.testing, found faulty
> commit even though it was covered by several other faulty commits
> etc.
> I think I can find a problem between patches quite well. I can't go
> under "patch level" aka go into lines of code and that's the helping
> hand i would need here, i.e. i know, that 3rd patch of your series
> makes troubles to me and i also know, that your one big merged and
> modified patch works for me. Unfortunately as i said, i can't search
> a regression between lines of code. And this is a place we should
> look in, i guess...
> Sure, i will try again your modified script later today and let you
> know.
> For the other guys, could i call for help?? Could you please try to
> apply the Vincas's 9 patch raw-input series to the current git, try
> to compile and let me know, if you succeed? I really would like to
> know if i'm the only one with such problem.
> Thank you all,
> W.
Well, I am almost certain what the problem is :)

I think that you have a 32bit OS (well, the ./configure logs could tell
me that). I and the WINE's testbot builder run 64bit OSes, the people
from bug 20395 (also a person in #winehq) that compiled and ran the
patch successfully most likely also run 64bit OSes, thus 64bit version
of gcc by default.

The issue is on i386, where a certain include-file combination that is
used is hitting this "expected declaration specifiers or
‘...’" bug for __ms_va_list.

I wrote a small test-case patch, that should fail to compile using 32bit
gcc -
If it fails, it's most likely a WINE bug and should be filed to bugzilla.

As a solution to workaround that, I will add those unused include
statements (as is a similar story with user.h) for it compile on i386;
will submit once I've finished some new features.

Thanks for discovering this :)

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