WineHQ Bug 26271

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Mar 2 00:40:22 CST 2011

Andreas Bierfert <andreas.bierfert at> wrote:

> could you please stop arguing about the validity of the bug. What you
> are stating in comment 6 is really not exclusive. The Fedora wine
> packages are in fact 'prepackaged binary'.

Using the term 'prepackaged binary' doesn't make the package suddenly valid
for WineHQ bugzilla, since it clearly contains not supported patches. Same
applies for instance to crossover, ies4linux, wineskin or any other.

> For the Fedora users pulse support in wine is an important feature. This
> is why the patches are in the Fedora build in the first place. I'd much
> rather have them included with upstream... Maybe sometime wine will gain
> openal support for audio input/output and this issue will go away.

Once again, packages with custom patches can't be supported through WineHQ
bugzilla for obvious reasons. If the packager knows what he/she is dooing by
including such patches - he/she should take the full resposibility for that,
including accepting bug reports for his package. If he/she doesn't want to
carry the support burden then using Wine source without any custom patches
is the way to go.


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