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Wed Mar 2 04:56:16 CST 2011

>>>>> "Shachar" == Shachar Shemesh <shachar at> writes:

    >>  I have a USB osciloscope (Link Instruments DSO 8002) that I am quite
    >> motivated to get working in wine.  I have followed the instructions
    >> to install the USB patches.  The osciloscope software works fine in
    >> demo mode, but it still cannot find the device.  I have spent some
    >> time messing around with this, but I am new to wine, so I am a little
    >> lost.  I am a half decent c programmer, so If somebody could point me
    >> in the right direction I should be able to get this working.
    >> I have gotten error message usbd.sys failed to load.
    >> I don't know if this program requires functions that wine does not
    >> support or I have just failed to install something correctly.
    >> I have attached lsusb and winedump -x output
    >> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Shachar> usbd.sys sounds like a kernel driver. I'm not sure those are
    Shachar> supported, even for USB.

USB driver are not supported per se, but Alexander Morozov tried to build
infrastructure for such driver loading. He provided patches and asked for
discussion, but few to non feedback happened on this list. Also 
Damjan Jovanovic  Jan 23   91/4337  "USB architecture: driver loading question"
tried to take up the subject, again with no feedback.

Linux users in the elektronic area would love to see Wine supporting USB

    >> I have gotten error message usbd.sys failed to load.
Try to get more information about that error. Is some kernel driver api
missing? At some point I had at least usbd.sys loading, also the final
device driver failed. 

Another approach:
Can you look at the ezusb-imports of your application
and compare against what 
sipplies? Perhaps you can write a replacemment ezusb DLL.

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