WineHQ Bug 26271

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Wed Mar 2 12:01:04 CST 2011

> Wine is big and those patches cover only a small aspect. E.g. if a
> distribution reports a crypt32 bug it doesn't matter if they use
> winepulse.drv or not, right? I'm just opposing the blanket "reject all"
> distribution Wine binaries created from modified source. For the Wine
> aspects modified by the distributions the distributions will have to do
> the heavy lifting. But the way we word that matters too. And of course
> we are always free to request a bug reporter to try to reproduce the bug
> with unmodified/latest Wine source.

Ah.  Yes, you're right.  The nuances of your disagreement escaped me,
as this bug was clearly in an area affected by the unsupported
patches.  Thanks for the clarification.

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