WineHQ Bug 26271

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Mar 3 01:04:14 CST 2011

Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at> wrote:

> > Once again, packages with custom patches can't be supported through WineHQ
> > bugzilla for obvious reasons. If the packager knows what he/she is dooing by
> I disagree with this statement. Each distribution modifies the upstream
> Wine in one way or the other.

Could you please list other Wine packages provided by distributions with
custom patches applied you are aware of?

> And a blanket "Screw you, use upstream
> Wine if you want support" doesn't cut it. The distributions are for us
> the main consumers of Wine and we should help them provide a good Wine
> experience to their users.
> Of course in this specific case aka bug 26271 we cannot help as it
> involves winepulse.drv which is an unsupported outside patch.

That's precisely my point. How many users are prepared to compile Wine
from source when they report a bug with such a Wine build, and somebody
asks them to either use a package without custom patches or compile Wine
om their own instead? What are the advantages of this "support"? Do the
unsuspecting users really deserve to get such a hidden problem with presumably
"official" Wine package they have recieved? It's very doubtful in the first
place that the term "official" should be used for such packages. Are you going
to encourage packagers to include whatever patches they deem to be "an important
feature" for the users, and still claim that provide an official Wine binary


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