winex11.drv: Ensure that wintab xinput_handle is not NULL.

Peter Urbanec at
Thu Mar 3 02:00:16 CST 2011

On 01/03/11 17:13, John Klehm wrote:
> Nice find on this code path being able to run without loading xinput.

It was as a result of a user sending me some crash logs. I never managed 
to reproduce this issue. I don't even have access to a tablet to test. 
My patch was pretty much a result of "NULL pointers seen in the wild -> 
better check for them" reaction.

> In short GetCurrentPacket won't get called if xinput isn't loaded so I
> don't believe it needs the xinput check.

Fair enough, I can remove that check and resend the patch.

> As for the AttachEventQueue and WTInfoW checks:
> I think we'd achieve the same end by having a loaded check in WTOpen
> just like we do in WTInfo. The benefit would be that we'd let the app
> know sooner that something was wrong.   As it is right now we try to
> load but don't return 0 if we fail to load in
> dll/wintab32/context.c:WTInfoT:
> 370     if (gLoaded == FALSE)
> 371          LoadTablet();
> 372
> If we return 0 when loading fails in the dll/wintab32 WTInfo and
> WTOpen entry points we save the trouble of running through a bunch of
> function calls that are doomed to fail anyway. Even worse in most
> places in the wintab code we don't check if the winex11 calls succeed
> or fail.
> This would require modifications to LoadTablet and its winex11 buddy
> LoadTabletInfo so they could bubble up the failure.

Sounds good. I'll get that done, but my testing is going to be limited 
due to the fact that I actually don't have a tablet to test with.

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