New winetricks-alpha 20110306: new game Crysis 2 Demo and seven others, new dll dinput, lots of bug fixes; ie8 now works

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Mar 6 22:58:58 CST 2011

Another fortnight, another Winetricks.

Version 20110306-alpha has a slightly cleaned up gui,
a handful of bugfixes and sha1sum updates,
eight new games (crysis2_demo_mp, diablo2, dragonage,
masseffect2_demo, penpenxmas, rayman2_demo, sammax301_demo, and secondlife),
one new dll (dinput),
and one new setting (vd=640x480).
It removes ie68, which is no longer needed, now that ie8 works.

It isolates all apps in their own wineprefix by default now, not just games.
The option --isolate-games is gone, and a new option --no-isolate was added.
And finally, it's not quite as slow at putting up menus.

Also, there's some real doc at
for end users as well as for developers.

Download url:

svn repository / bug tracker:

Changes since 20110222:

Update disk space & time install requirements
diablo2: waiting for updater window isn't enough, you have to wait for
it to say it's finished!
Cope with empty USERNAME, which happens when using startx.
hegemony_gold: updated sha1sum
Added 'folder' verb to open current wineprefix with xdg-open
Show title of installed app rather than absolute path in comment at
top, give example of how to install all prereqs
firefox: update to 3.6.15, fix system menu.
corefonts: Trebuc filenames have mixed case.  Fixes bug winezeug-203.
Install apps and benchmarks into their own prefixes, too.  Show prefix
name uniformly in window title.  Move ie to dlls, call dlls 'Windows
dlls or components'.
Add option --no-isolate-games, make --isolate-games the default
annihilate: actually ask permission before annihilating the wineprefix.
gta_vc: ported, updated.
Better fix for bug winezeug-25, should fix new bug winezeug-229
w_download: fix progress indicator gui for locales that use , as a
decimal separator.  Pointed out by kmiksi.  Fixes bug winezeug-232.
Add a paragraph at the top about what tools this script uses.
Cleaned up comments at top.  Moved version ID to very top.
vc2005trial: update workarounds for wine-1.3.15
Last changeset was missing wildcards on two patterns
Speed up common case of w_pathconv -u 3x by writing it in shell.
Suggestion by Christian Storgaard.
rayman2_demo: new verb.  Based on a patch by Shannon.
Make --optout take effect earlier.
winetricks_stats_init: always quote W_CACHE
dinput: new verb by Shannon, for winehq bug 21159
vd=640x480: new verb, by Shannon
diablo2: ported and updated.  (Next up: diablo2bc, battle chest version.)
crysis2_demo_mp: fix non-q mode, use SetWinDelay to simplify.  Patch by Phil.
W_CACHE_WIN should just be a drive letter and colon in wine
penpenxmas: new verb (based on a patch by Manpreet Sangha)
crysis2_demo_mp: new verb by Austin
sammax301_demo: new verb by Phil
secondlife: ported and updated
w_download: autohotkey's download server doesn't like curl's user
agent, so use a more common one
masseffect2_demo: partly fix windows install.  (Clicks still not working.)
w_mount: Port support for windows mounts of iso volumes.
winetricks_read_volume_name: hexdump is not portable, use od instead
w_read_key: create directory before storing key
sims3: update to latest version, mention drm problem as showstopper
masseffect2: mark as broken drm.
masseffect2, masseffect2_demo: move workaround descriptions into
w_workaround arg.
masseffect2_demo: port verb
firefox4: updated to beta12
dragonage: ported verb.  Flickers terribly in movies for me :-(
osmos_demo: bug 24416 fixed in 1.3.8
w_warn: in -q mode, time out after 5 seconds.
Get rid of debug print.
sims3: if we want menus to work, we have to install dotnet20.
Move sudo detect after gui detect; fixes running winetricks-alpha from
system menu
ie68: no longer needed, now that ie8 works
w_warn: text passed to zenity must be escaped
ie8: make -q not fail install test.
Fix --gui option, which was ignored because variable was reset after
option was processed
winetricks_set_wineprefix: Comment out debug print
annihilate: only delete .desktop files.
Use localized name for Desktop directory.
Move silent option to top level menu
ie8: set TabProcGrowth=0 to avoid hang.  Fixes winezeug bug 159.
Thanks to MatthiasLichter.
Fix running on cygwin (W_DRIVE_C was wrong)

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