winegcc preprocessor macro containing wine version?

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Mar 8 16:03:53 CST 2011

Robert McDonald asked:
> I want to be able to define a structure if I'm compiling with Wine 1.2.2
> but not with Wine 1.3.15, since the structure definition exists in the
> latter but not the former.  Is there a preprocessor macro pre-defined by
> winegcc that holds the Wine version?

#include "config.h"
gives you PACKAGE_VERSION, but that's a string.

Looking at 'git blame commctrl.h, I see that MCM_SETCALENDARBORDER
is a preprocessor symbol of similar vintage to TASKDIALOG_BUTTON,
testing for that should suffice.

(But Wine doesn't implement task dialogs, hope you're not expecting
them to work.  There has been some interest in implementing it,
and some code is floating around, but I haven't heard anything concrete yet.)
- Dan

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