Wine Gecko 1.2.0 RC1

Jacek Caban jacek at
Thu Mar 10 12:33:14 CST 2011

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that the new update of Wine Gecko packages is 
almost there. It took long time since last beta to get to RC point from 
beta, not only because of many changes on our side, but mostly because 
of delays in Mozilla release process. We've done everything I've hoped 
to be done (and even more than I expected). I'm also happy that it was 
much better tested than previous times (mostly because they were 
available for so long). So far I'm aware of only one regression in 
Outlook that probably won't block the release because it seems to be a 
problem on Wine side (I can't be sure as I wasn't able to reproduce it 
so far). If I've missed something, please let me know.

I'd appreciate help with testing. Builds are on Sourceforge [1]. To use 
it, just grab MSI files and put it into the directory where usually CAB 
files would go and apply the attached patch. Please let me know about 
any regression you notice.


- The CAB file is created without external dependencies
Thanks to Alexandre for cabinet work.

- We use MSI installers
Thanks to Hans for winemsibuilder and preparing scripts that made it 

- winedbg works with Gecko debug builds
Thanks to Eric for many fixes to dbghelp/winedbg. Once he will merge his 
work to Wine, we will be able to use winedbg for comfortable Gecko debugging

- win64 build now works
- a few bug fixes
- I've got rid of some Gecko ugly things like using API hooks


Firefox 4 RC1 came out yesterday and is expected to be the final build 
(so far nothing that would require another RC was found). Mozilla 
estimates release to be out in a week or two. I'm tempted to not wait 
and release early next week (so that it will live in Git for at least a 
few days before Wine release), but we will see how it will work. If we'd 
find any new blocker, it would most likely mean that we will release a 
week later.


If you are interested in building the packager yourself from sources (so 
far I've heard about Debian and Fedora attempts to do so), everything is 
ready to support it now. Building instructions changed a bit after 
switching to use MSI files, but I've made things as easy as possible. 
Building the package itself is a matter of invoking one script with 
proper arguments. The tricky part is that Wine is needed for building, 
so we get circural build-time dependency. The script, however, makes 
sure that Wine doesn't need Gecko during compiling Gecko, so it 
shouldn't be a big problem to handle. Also, unless you manually set 
WINEPREFIX, the script created a temporary wineprefix directory, so 
there is nothing to worry if your ~/.wine is in broken state. It can 
also use Wine from its build dir if you set WINE_BUILD_DIR environment 
variable. Please let me know if there are more problems than need to be 
addressed and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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