New winetricks 20110310-alpha: new verbs csi6_demo, farmsim2011_demo, mono210

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Mar 10 13:16:09 CST 2011

Version 20110310-alpha adds two games
  csi6_demo - CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Demo
  farmsim2011_demo - Farming Simulator 2011 Demo
plus a new version of mono (2.10).
There are a couple gui changes: it adds a help button and
a button to unhide broken titles,and adds a scary warning
to the dinput and directx9 verb menu items.
It also fixes a number of bugs.

For bug tracker, mailing lists, and wiki, see

Download url:

There's also an announcements mailing list for package maintainers now:

Changes since 20110306-alpha:

vbrun5, vbrun6: fix install check.
vc2005trial: fix regression caused by 7zip installing into its own wineprefix.
richtx32: fix install check
Print unix file rather than windows file when install check fails,
it's much less mysterious.
farmsim2011_demo: fix media type
Avoid syntax error if which returns empty string
list-installed: no longer need kludge.  Also sort the inputs rather
than the outputs so output shows up faster.
firefox4: update to rc1
mono210: new verb
w_download: fix penpenxmas and autohotkey right this time
w_download: don't set user-agent, it breaks sourceforge download
csi6_demo: new verb
farmsim2011_demo: new verb.
sammax301_demo: fix typo (it's not 304)
Add gui option for showing broken apps.  Not great, but it'll do for now.
Main menu is called 'main', so call prefix menu 'prefix'...
masseffect2_demo: use wine-hotfix-6971 if present.  Also fix -q support.
tahoma: fix install check
grr.  really fix navigation, I hope.
help: new verb, just opens in a browser.  This is
the very first entry on the first menu of the gui.
fix breakage in zenity menus
remove dead code
dxdiag: list under 'dlls' rather than 'apps', since it's usually used
in the context of some other app.
Make directx9 warning more obvious.
OS reporting didn't work well, so put wine version in that slot
Fix navigation when returning back from apps
Fix KDE support in top menu.  Fix time/space columns in German and
(kind of) Danish.
d3dcompiler_43: new verb by Rico; marked as broken to hide it from
casual users until wine can handle more d3d10
dinput: add scary warning

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