correct comctl32 implementation

André Hentschel nerv at
Sat Mar 12 03:31:21 CST 2011

Am 12.03.2011 07:54, schrieb Andrew Green:
> Thank you for the quick reply.
> so is it the case is that multiple dll's versions will be generated to
> be used by SxS(as WinSxS contains multiple comctl32.dll)?
> I know uxtheme draws primitives. What I meant to ask was will any work
> have to be done in uxtheme(apart from maybe the occasional bug fix,
> not a new implementation of it or anything like that)?

No, uxtheme is in a pretty good shape.
Most stuff will get into comctl32 and user32. That will enable us to have theming features like:
But these were only really bad hacks just for a showcase.

> The last point about window class redirection I'm a bit confused
> about. I really don't know anything about it. This patch exists so it
> sounds like it is supported.

That patch is not in git, mostly likely for that reason:

> So would it just be that case that comctl32(version 6) re-registers
> the controls that are normally in user32?

Yes, there is some comctl32 function (not yet implemented) to trigger that.

> If anyone could provide me with any information or reading material. I
> would be very thankful.

I only can point you on a stupid test i once wrote:
I would suggest: read over it and then delete it :)


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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