GSOC CMD parser.

Joel Teichroeb joel at
Sat Mar 12 19:18:50 CST 2011

I'm quite interested in the idea on the wiki of improving the CMD
parser and fixing the bugs. I brought this up in the IRC and it was
mentioned that there was some discussion of using bison/flex for
parsing. I don't think that would be feasible for me to do in just
three months but I'm wondering if that is the direction that is wanted
for the CMD parser.
It does not seem like there are enough issues with the current
implementation to justify scrapping the current parser.

The way I would go about this task would be to fix all the outstanding
bugs, and add test cases for them, then find as many other bugs using
and batch scripts from other open source projects.

Thoughts and comments would be wonderful.

Joel Teichroeb.

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