Two more summer of code ideas

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue Mar 15 00:02:15 CDT 2011

Hi Dan,

> I added sandboxing and message-mode pipes to
> (Yes, it's literally a pipe dream :-)

I think it's too much for the scope of a SoC project, personally.  I
think it should be possible with help from the kernel.  For example,
Steve French expressed willingness to expose the ability to create
named pipes from a user-space program.  He just wanted to know the
appropriate interface, i.e. where in the filesystem they should live,
how they should be created, and so on.  The work is perhaps less
coding oriented, and more about coordination and design.  Coordination
implies being gated on others' schedules, and that means it'd be at
pretty high risk of not getting completed, no matter how motivated a
student might be.

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