mshtml, shdocvw: Initialize OLEINPLACEFRAMEINFO.cb for IOleInPlaceSite::GetWindowContext

Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed Mar 16 08:56:02 CDT 2011

Hi Thomas,

On 3/16/11 11:21 AM, Thomas Faber wrote:
> Hi,
> the documentation for the OLEINPLACEFRAMEINFO structure [1] says
> that the 'cb' member must be initialized before passing the structure
> to IOleInPlaceSite::GetWindowContext (where the rest of it will be
> filled).
> In addition to the fix, I have updated the corresponding
> tests to check this member instead of setting it, and they pass
> on Windows as expected [2]. I've used a>= compare for future
> version compatibility.

Comparing to the exact value is better in this case. If the value will 
ever change, we want to know that and tests failures will help us notice it.


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