GSoC: Cygwin and the file system

Jay Yang jkelleyy at
Sun Mar 20 13:29:15 CDT 2011


     First an introduction, My name is Jay Yang, I'm currently an 
undergraduate at the University of Michigan, and as this email 
indicates, I'm interested in participating in Google Summer of Code.
     I've been looking at the Cygwin project idea listed on the Summer 
of Code page, and after looking at some bug reports, I found at least 
three bugs related to Cygwin that seem to have something to do with the 
file system. I also saw that the Cygwin page on the wine wiki seems to 
note that symlinks are one thing that do not work correctly. Is there 
some underlying bug or unimplemented feature that is causing these 
failures or are they each their own problem? Also would fixing some of 
these file system related issues be a good project?

Jay Yang

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