d3dx10: Float16To32Array and Float32To16Array (GSoC)

Joshua Beck jxb091000 at utdallas.edu
Sun Mar 20 10:28:50 CDT 2011

I'm looking for feedback on an idea for a Google Summer of Code project.

I looked at bugzilla and found that the D3DX9 versions of 
Float16To32Array and Float32To16Array were needed for some games to run. 
I thought that implementing those functions would make a good Google 
Summer of Code project, but later discovered that Misha Koshelev had 
already implemented them in a patch that wasn’t committed yet.

In looking up documentation on half floats and these functions gave me 
ideas for other improvements. For instance, the functions may be 
implemented differently in D3DX10. A post in this thread: 
http://www.devmaster.net/forums/showthread.php?t=10924 says that D3DX10 
uses different rounding rules and can store NaNs and infinities. I have 
access to computers running Vista and 7 so I would be able to test how 
the D3DX10 versions of the functions convert floating point numbers. 
After doing so, I could make the D3DX10 versions of the functions by 
modifying the D3DX9 patch’s code. I could also write a conformance test 
to make sure that the functions are implemented correctly in D3DX10.

Joshua Beck

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