GSoC-2011: Implement Missing Mesh Functions in Wine’s D3DX9

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Mar 20 17:32:25 CDT 2011

Thanks for your proposal!

I don't know the functions you suggest well enough personally to judge the 
amount of work that is needed. Potential mentors are Roderick, Matteo, Henri 
and me. I don't know who has time and is willing to mentor, but I think it is 
safe to say that we'll find somebody :-)

We had two d3dx9-centered gsoc projects in the past, namely Matteo's shader 
assembler work and Tony Wasserka's texture loading work. Matteo's project 
succeeded and the code is in Wine now. Tony's code didn't make it in during 
the project, but at least parts(everything?) of it got committed later.

As you can see we have another developer who's interested in d3dx9. Two 
projects on the same library are doable if they target independent parts. 
Luckily d3dx9 is a big collection of mostly independent helper functions.

I don't want to jump to conclusions just yet, the formal application process 
will decide which proposals are accepted.

Best regards

On Sunday 20 March 2011 18:09:24 Michael Mc Donnell wrote:
> Dear Wine developers,
> I would like implement some of the missing mesh functions in Wine's
> D3DX9 for Google Summer of Code 2011. I would like to implement the
> following functions:
>   - CloneMesh
>   - CloneMeshFVF
>   - ConvertPointRepsToAdjacency
>   - ConvertAdjacencyToPointReps
>   - GenerateAdjacency
> They seem to be suitable in size to implement during a summer, and I
> have a good idea of how to implement them. I expect to first implement
> tests and then implement the functions.
> I am a masters student at the Technical University of Denmark nearing
> the end of my studies, and I have specialized in 3D computer graphics,
> studying both real-time and physically based techniques, as well as
> how to use existing 3D modeling tools to create animations. The mesh
> functions should be fairly straight forward for me to implement as I
> have recently taken an advanced course on geometry processing which
> involved a lot of mesh manipulation. I have, furthermore, already
> tests (for a shell32 function) in the wine test suite so I have some
> knowledge of Wine development.
> Roderick Coldenbrander is listed as a possible mentor for "Direct3D -
> Implement missing D3D9_xx DLLs" on the wiki. Are you still interested,
> or would someone else like to be a mentor?
> Regards,
> Michael Mc Donnell
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